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Ballet is the basic fundamental for most other forms of dance. Ballet is a performance style of dance with specific technical terms, derived from French vocabulary. Students who enroll in several forms of dance often excel when they have had ballet training. Ballet requires discipline and attention to detail.


Tap dance is a style of dance with the emphasis being on a metal tap on the toe and heel of a shoe. The striking of the foot is percussive in nature. Tap is considered rhythmical and the shoe acts as a musical instrument.


Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong feelings and emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song. Because lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer's movement.


Hip hop refers to a style of dance known as street dancing. The style generated from a culture that created a pop, lock, and break style of dancing on city streets. Often hip hop dancing is performed as a crew or team battling a foe.

hip hop

Jazz dance has a broad interpretation, having originated from African American cultures. Modern jazz dance originated from Caribbean dance styles. Today’s jazz comes from one of these two styles. Both styles of jazz were performed to tell a story with the movement of the body. The costuming and style of movement is meant to add theatrical emphasis to the story.


Tumbling is a gymnastics term combining sports acrobatics and trampoline maneuvers. Tumbling is an Olympic event consisting of 8 skills.



Dance Classes

1 class a week - $60 a month

2 classes a week - $100 a month

3 classes a week - $140 a month

4 classes a week - $180 a month

Unlimited dance classes - $205 a month

DML Dance Co. - $225 a month

Additional Family Member Discount 20% off


**$30 Yearly Registration Fee**


Unlimited dance & 1 Aerial/wk - $245 a month

DML Dance Co. & 1 Aerial/wk- $265 a month



Fitness Classes

​$5.00 Drop in

$40.00 Punch Card for 10 Classes

$50 Unlimited Fitness Classes


aerial arts Classes

1 class a week - $70 a month

2 classes a week - $110 a month

3 classes a week - $150 a month

4 classes a week - $190 a month

Drop In Silks Class $20


Group Parties And Studio Rental:

Dance Themed Birthday Party: $235

Includes a 60 minute dance class up to 15 guests (any style of routine). After learning the routine guests can have 30 minutes free time to dance, play, open presents or eat if applicable. Immediately following will be a parent performance. Booking person receives a free tutu and all guests get registration fee waived if they sign up for classes.

Girl Scout Parties: $225

Includes everything in the Dance Themed Birthday Party plus a badge!

Studio Rental:

Rates based on time and use please inquire at the front desk.